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In 2022, we’re running together again at the TCS London Marathon

The iconic London marathon course is waiting for its traditional 40,000 runners once again. But they won’t be alone! All over the world, participants will be joining them virtually for the legendary 26.2-mile run, from whichever location they choose.

But this year is extra special! It’s all about building the unstoppable determination to rise up. From the handy tips for runners of all levels, to inspiring stories that will make you push your way up and the chance to run with the BUXTON team, here is the beginning of an amazing journey to the London Marathon 2022!

Get ready for a marathon like never before.

Marathon Runner with Bottle of Buxton Water 2 - Buxton Water

Rise to all challenges with BUXTON®’s powers of hydration

BUXTON will be there making sure you’re running your best race on the big day at the TCS London Marathon. Remember that replacing fluids is extremely important, especially for such a long run. This is why we’re making race day hydration so simple and convenient. 

Our BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water comes in different bottle sizes, so you can choose the one that’s more convenient to you for those important regular sips of water. If you don’t want to rely on water stations, you can take a bottle with you, including our smallest 25cl and 50cl water bottles. They come with a Sports cap which makes them ideal for hydration on the run. Don’t forget to check out our Race Day Nutrition and Hydration guide before getting ready for the big race.

Essential marathon training tips so you can push harder

We’ll help you rise up to the challenge with simple marathon training tips you can apply straightaway. Don’t forget to check out our handy marathon training guide to help you run your best race on Sunday 2nd October. And make sure you do your pre-run stretches too!

Plastic Bottle Recycling Process Infographic - Buxton Water

We’re bringing our long-standing commitment to sustainability to the 2022 TCS London Marathon

Did you know that BUXTON Natural Mineral Water comes in recyclable bottles? This year as well we’re committed to collecting and recycling all water bottles post-event back into new bottles, something we began in 2019. BUXTON® will be working with local councils on the route picking up all bottles used on race day so we can make sure they go in a recycling bin. And once you cross the finish line in this year’s virtual race, you can do the same, wherever you are.

The TCS London Marathon is the world’s greatest marathon event and we can’t wait to join everyone in celebrating resilience and determination! Don’t forget to fill out our marathon competition form for a chance to join our team on the big day!

Plastic Bottle Recycling Process Infographic - Buxton Water