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RISE UP & WIN is back… and it’s bigger and bolder than ever!

Last year we challenged the nation to jump back into life after a year of lockdowns. This year, as we rediscover our freedom, the world’s our oyster once again. So here at BUXTON we’re inviting you to RISE UP and Win a Taste of Adventure in our thrilling, new promotion! We’ve got 125 adrenaline-fuelled activities up for grabs, thanks to our friends at Virgin Experience Days, and whether you buy still or sparkling, single or multipack, every BUXTON purchase gives you a chance to win. So what are you waiting for Britain? It’s time to RISE UP and show your adventurous side, as BUXTON® helps take your resilience to new levels, push boundaries and reach your peak. From white water rafting, bungee jumping to quad biking – which adventure will you choose?