10 top facts about Buxton Natural Mineral Water

Want to know what makes our natural mineral water so crisp and deliciously refreshing? Take a look…

Buxton Natural Mineral Water is pristine and incredibly refreshing. That much is clear as soon as you get it down you. What might not be so obvious, is how it got to be like that. Well, here’s how (plus one or two other little surprises about our brilliant H2O).

  • 1- It’s naturally pumped up –our clear stuff arrives at the surface, without being artificially pumped, so it’s as pure as nature intended. Well, they do say quality rises to the top…
  • 2- Quality can’t be rushed – Buxton Natural Mineral water fell as rainfall onto the immaculate Peak District landscape some 5,000 years ago, so you’re drinking in history.

  • 3- It’s been on a bit of a journey – our water is forced up through a mile of British bedrock to emerge crisp and delicious at its source in St Ann's Spring. Phew!
  • 4- It comes out at ambient temperature – yep, it may be clean and pure when it appears, but at a temperature of 28C, it’s a little while before it becomes deliciously refreshing (but well worth the wait).
  • 5- Untouched by humans – that’s right, from Bronze Age rainfall to bottle, our water is so pristine, the first person to touch it is you (you lucky thing).
  • 6- Filtered by sands and time – after the small matter of 5,000 years filtering though Derbyshire limestone, it takes one last trip through graded sand to remove any manganese solid residue. After all, no one likes crunchy water, do they?
  • 7- Kind to butterflies – Did you know  that the biodiversity site next to our state-of-the-art bottling factory has been specially created by us to nurture butterflies through planting schemes they like. Beautiful!
  • 8- It’s been a favourite tipple for millennia – prehistoric finds were discovered when building our brand new factory (so locals have been sipping on the good stuff for quite a while) - Cheers to that!
  • 9- It’s made quite a name for itself at the Virgin Money London Marathon – well, we’re there year in, year out, handing out healthy refreshment to all the runners (we even renamed Canada water tube station as Buxton Water on the day in 2015).

  • 10- It leaves nothing to chance – it may look super clear, and taste crisp and delicious, but as it’s drinking water we constantly monitor quality at source and in the factory – because the only feeling we want you to experience, is pure refreshment. We do over a thousand daily water quality checks in our factory!


There you have it – just a few of the things that we like to think makes our water that little bit more special. Now, why not go and discover some of your own?

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* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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