Discover some of Buxton Water #NaturalHeroes for the 2016 London Marathon

Record Breaker

Scott (32)
Scott, or Sir Prancealot as he now likes to be called, isn’t happy with simply running a marathon. Setting a Guinness World Record dressed as a Knight of the Round Table is what it’s all about.  
He describes himself as ‘most likely to do something a bit silly, probably to impress a girl’, but is hoping that he doesn’t encounter any damsels in distress on the Marathon route, as this could end his chances of everlasting glory.  

Fun Runner

Eloise (24)
Whether it’s running a marathon or going to a music festival, Eloise has to add a splash of her own colourful personality to every outing.   
Her main concern is whether her special Marathon hair do will stay in place for the duration of the 26.2 miles, though she assures us that she’ll be smiling the whole way around London.   

Charity Runner

Jennifer (36)
Jen is a first-time marathon runner and is raising money for a cause that’s close to her heart. In her own words, she’s not a serious runner, but can’t wait to see the crowds and is super excited to be part of such a big day.   
She’s being cheered on by the her kids, Danny and Olivia, who she says can’t wait to run their own Marathon!  


Paul (45)
Paul is no stranger to the London Marathon course, having completed seven London Marathon’s already. We asked Paul what keeps him coming back, to which he replied: ‘the crowds, it’s amazing to have so many people who’ve never met you cheering themselves hoarse for you!’   
Paul’s hoping to continue his habit of improving his time with every Marathon, so is hoping for an extra noisy crowd on the day.   


Jamie (23)
No shrinking violet, Jamie has long been telling anyone who’ll listen that he could definitely do a marathon, no problems. When his girlfriend asked him to prove it, he signed up.    
Training has been a bit sporadic, but he’s put in the miles and has had extra motivation from his Grandad, whose 3hrs 45 mins set at the 1978 London Marathon is still the family record.    #NaturalHeroes 

Katie (37)
Running a marathon was something Katie would never have dreamt of a year ago, but thanks to the support of friends and family, she’ll be completing her first ever Marathon this year.   
Legions of those friends and families are turning out to support her and she’s become a bit of a local hero at home.