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We don’t mean to boast, but up our way you’ve just got to step outside to feel great. Natural good vibes, given off by the lush vegetation, rolling hills and the crisp, clear lakes and rivers, hit you wherever you go, and put a great big smile on your face. Round here, we know how important our stunning setting is to giving us our up for it attitude and spring in our step.

The thing is, busy lives, the internet and the soft, warm temptation of a sofa, can mean that sometimes, even we don’t get out and about in our beautiful countryside as much as we’d like. It’s all too easy to take what you’ve got for granted. And when you do that, you miss out on a lot.

Getting outside to feel great inside

That’s why, Buxton Water and The Wildlife Trusts, the UK’s largest people-powered environmental organization, launched the national campaign, ‘Get Better with Nature’.

Created to help Britain reconnect with the natural world around them and appreciate its true value to our health and well-being, Get Better with Nature aimed to get more people up and out into the great outdoors.

After all, research by MIND showed 90% of people said they felt happier and healthier after a stroll in the countryside, mixing it up with nature.

And by rediscovering the pleasure we get from the natural world outside our window, we can better understand how vital it is to protect our environment for generations to come.

It all started in Buxton, naturally

Buxton was chosen as the perfect place to kick start, ‘Get Better with Nature’. After all, locals have been protecting the area’s super, pure water since Roman times.

The Wildlife Trusts, with the help of us lot at Buxton Water, called on Buxtonites to help the local environment and boost our own health and wellbeing while we were at it. All by whipping on our wellies, grabbing some gloves and getting together for a community day of action.

And of course, we didn’t disappoint.

Helping to keep Buxton’s water pure

On the big day, giving our riverside some much-needed TLC was the first port of call. With the help of Derbyshire Wildlife Trusts and High Peak Borough Council, the Buxton Community Day of Action saw our local community muck in, get their hands dirty and clean up.

The aim of the game was to have fun creating a sparkling new wetland habitat in the heart of Buxton. With the help of locals and children from our schools, invasive species were removed from the riverbank, and dead leaves and other gunk was cleared for new plants and wildlife.

Once the area was prepared, our hardy volunteers planted wild garlic, bluebells and other vegetation, with a wildflower meadow planted nearby to create a complementary ecosystem.

And to help get a hands-on understanding about how reconnecting with nature can help mind and body, we all took part in interactive educational activities, like wading into the park stream to look for water-based creatures. We even created a great big living sculpture, using natural bits and bobs found in the area. 

Making a refreshing change to all of our lives

By investing just a small amount of time and energy in the local environment, ‘Get Better with Nature’ helped remind the good people of Buxton about the value of nature – from the food and water we eat and drink to the air we breathe.

And thanks to their can-do spirit, we’re rolling out the campaign nationally, working with a growing list of partners to make a real difference, all over Britain.

So whether it’s a commute through Yorkshire’s spectacular countryside or a brisk morning jog in a London park, the hope is that soon everyone will interact with nature in one way or another, every day. Improving their quality of life and protecting the natural world for the future while they’re at it.

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