Go Big Together with the Big Buxton Lane

Gather the support squad and go big together     

26.2 miles, all in one go. That’s pretty epic, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly and nor should your support. That’s why, this year, we’re taking over mile 12 of The Virgin Money London Marathon.

The Big Buxton Lane is much more than a watery oasis at your (almost) mid-point. It’s the go to spot to check in with your support squad.

Running a marathon is a long slog, and usually, you’ll only get a glimpse of friends and family if you plan with military precision. For them, it’s like playing the world’s most difficult game of Where’s Wally. But with our dedicated mile, you have the opportunity to spot your troops shouting their support for that much-needed boost to help keep you going. It’s a great way to share the experience and #GoBigTogether.

Get naturally pumped up at The Big Buxton Lane

We’re definitely not skimping on the support. If your friends and family aren’t vocal enough already, our Buxton Cheer Squad are on hand to make sure you know that you’re unstoppable. Don’t forget to perfect your game face, because we’ll have our Buxton Snapchat filter at the ready. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take a big swig and stay hydrated as you make your way along the Big Buxton Lane. And whether you’re sweating in a gorilla suit or looking fly in the latest gear, you can bust a move while you run with our handpicked Buxton Spotify Playlist playing on the big speakers.

The finish line isn’t the only thing runners are aiming for

Every runner has their own goals, to win or just survive the heroic plod. But often, they run for those who can’t be there to cheer them on. You’ll be sharing the spotlight with some equally inspirational runners, like Nathan Rutter who is running for Fairleigh hospice who cared for his brother in the last days of his cancer battle. And if you spot a group of particularly well dressed supporters along the mile, they’ll be there to watch Mel Elliot and James Parker who are completing the run on their wedding day and raising money for Get Kids Going (now that’s multitasking).

Have your biggest supporters by your side

If you’ve been training like we think you have, you’ve probably become a bit of a ghost in the household, setting off at the crack of dawn or squeezing in another km or two before night falls. So pencil in mile 12 to let them share your big life event and take the chance to show your appreciation that they’ve put up your gruelling training regime. Then look forward to the bragging rights afterwards – you’ve earned them!

Get set for the road ahead

This is your moment. You’re the star of the show. So make sure your family and friends know it. Crowds of people will be lining the streets, cheering you on with respect (and bewilderment) for your big commitment. And it’s your opportunity to top up on the Buxton water, take one for the road and soak up the atmosphere before you reach the lava pool that is mile 20 and beyond. It’s a grueling battle between you and your body, but it’s totally worth it – and we’ll be with you every step!

Help Nathan support Fairleigh Hospice


Support Mel and James' run for Get Kids Going!


* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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