Living life, Naturally Pumped Up

It’s what makes Buxton Natural Mineral Water that little bit special.

Pay a visit round Buxton way, and you can feel it, instantly. There’s something in the crisp, clean air. In the lush, rolling Peak District landscape. In the vibrant, genuine, friendly locals. And of course, in our natural water, too. Everything’s full to bursting with life, and a vitality that shines through. Everything’s naturally pumped up.

It’s not surprising, mind you. After all, Buxton Natural Mineral Water, which started life as pure, pristine rain some 5000 years ago, before being filtered through a mile of Derbyshire limestone, is naturally pumped up to the surface. No drilling for us, thanks. It’s this long journey that gives our water all its natural minerals and goodness. And that’s been soaked up by nature and the people of these parts, for millennia.

Celebrating  vitality, our way.

We reckon it’s what gives us Buxton types that bit of extra sparkle. That ‘up-for-it’ energy, you don’t quite find anywhere else. Well, good in, good out, that’s our motto. And it’s our mission to export our unique life force to the world, in the best way possible – through our refreshing, mineral water. And it’s why everything we do is all about celebrating life and the Naturally Pumped Up people who live it to the full.

Like creating a butterfly meadow at our state of the art bottling factory, to help the local population flourish. Or mucking in to help keep Buxton’s waterways super-clean with everyone at the Buxton Community Day of Action. After all, we know clean water is for everyone. It’s also why we’re so proud to sponsor the Eroica Britannia Festival and our very own Buxton annual Well Dressing Festival. Not to mention, Prudential Ride London and the London Marathon, of course.


Celebrating the best of British

Each and every one of these events (and many more we’re involved in), are chock-full of our kind of people. Those with a ‘can-do’ attitude. The ‘have-a-go-heroes’ out there who finish what they start, even if that’s a marathon and they’re dressed up as a telephone box. Not just because they love giving it their all, but because they want to leave something good behind. A bit like the natural minerals in our water, really. 

For us, being Naturally Pumped Up isn’t just something we like to say about ourselves, it’s something true and fundamental to Buxton Water, and those who drink it too. It’s in our water. It’s in our blood. It’s our way of life.

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