Ready to drink in the Peak District’s refreshing vitality?

Sitting pretty, slap bang in the middle of Britain, is this nation’s big, beautiful heart. Otherwise known as The Peak District. It’s where Buxton Natural Mineral Water comes from, and there’s no other place we’d rather be. Because we believe Buxton Water is a unique combination of all the Peak District’s best bits.

The rugged moors and rolling dales. Its wild rivers and deep caverns. And of course, it’s naturally pumped up people. All of these things (and a small matter of being filtered through a mile of Derbyshire limestone for 5000 years), come together to create a water that’s just pure Peak District.

Sharing our water with the world for centuries

Come and visit the town of Buxton and you’ll see (and feel) what we mean. Stunning scenery blends seamlessly with a rich cultural landscape that can trace its past all the way back to the Romans.

What did they ever do for us? Well, they discovered Buxton Natural Mineral Water, that’s what. And for millennia, all Britons, great and small have been stopping by to drink it, take a dip in it and be rejuvenated by it. Historic houses, imposing castles, vibrant market towns and pretty villages have sprung up in the stunning scenery nearby. All close enough to enjoy Buxton Water’s pure refreshment. And close enough for you to go and have a good look. So cheers for all that, Romans.

There’s something in the water round Buxton way

We’ve got a funny feeling it’s the water that gives the good folk round these parts that bit of extra sparkle. Refreshingly down to earth, they’re not big on fuss or showing off. And absolutely refuse to take themselves too seriously. But they know how to have a good time, living life to the full.

How do we know? Well, we’re part of the local fabric. Buxton through and through. And we play an active role in the thriving community of our beautiful and ancient town.

Take the Buxton Well Dressing Festival. This bright, colourful traditional celebration of a well's purity dates back to medieval times. Every year around May, the good people of Buxton come together to create natural, living art to decorate and bless the town’s wells. And to have a bit of a knees up, too.

It’s the place to be if you want to see Buxton at its brilliant best, having a great time. We wouldn’t miss it for the world (we even sponsor three wells). After all, we understand how important it is to keep water as refreshing and pure as possible. Besides, we’d never miss a party.

Need refreshment? Come and feel the vitality

We reckon the only way to really understand this unique area’s refreshing vitality, is to come and feel it for yourself. There’s so much to drink in. The majesty of Chatsworth house, unspoiled beauty of the Derwent Valley or Derby or Nottingham’s world-class galleries and museums to name just some. And of course, beautiful Buxton, with its welcoming, naturally pumped up people, and a pure mineral water as well. So, what are you waiting for? Dive on in.

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