Don’t Give Up, Rise Up





In any inspirational story about an upward journey, there will always be obstacles to overcome, but it’s all about pushing on, upwards until finally reaching the top. BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water is naturally pure and gains a unique mineral blend on the journey up through a mile of British rock. Just like our British “up and comers” Josh, Moses and Georgie it’s the resilience for the journey up that shapes us. Don’t Give Up, Rise Up.

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About BUXTON®Natural Mineral Water

Our mineral water champions the ‘Don’t Give Up, Rise up’ message. It takes 5000 years for BUXTON® Water to naturally rise up through ancient rock and reach the surface in the historic spa town of Buxton. As it overcomes obstacles on its way up it is filtered by limestone and combined with a unique blend of minerals, ready to replenish your own resilience for the journey up