Digital Deposit Return Scheme Trial

Recycle your BUXTON mineral water bottle with the Digital Deposit Return Scheme to earn 10p and help close the recycling loop!

By participating in the innovative Scan | Recycle | Reward trial, you can help increase the number of bottles collected for recycling, reduce recyclable packaging going to landfill, reduce litter, and pave the way toward a more circular economy for soft drink containers.


As the largest UK mineral water brand to have all its bottles 100% made from recycled plastic (excluding caps and labels), and 100% recyclable, BUXTON® wants to help build a more circular future so that no plastic bottle ends up in landfill or as waste.

BUXTON® is working with the Digital Deposit Return Scheme Alliance, the Welsh Government, Powys County Council, and local retailers, to help deliver the largest and only full-community Digital Deposit Return Scheme trial to ever take place. By taking part in the trial, you can help us better understand how digital recycling solutions can be used in the bottle-to-bottle circular economy journey and help increase recycling rates further.


What can I recycle during this trial?

During this trial, you will be able to recycle glass, metal, plastic, and carton drink containers – look for stickers with QR codes on the container.


How can I take part?

The trial will run from 13th July 2023 to 1st November 2023, and you have three ways to recycle:

You can recycle at home. Use your smartphone to sign up for the Scan | Recycle | Reward account and don’t forget to apply the labels you should have received from the Council to your recycling boxes. Scan the QR code on your bottle to earn your 10p reward and continue to recycle as normal using your kerbside recycling bin.


You can use community bins located at ALDI car park and Bethel Square (outside Greggs). Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the bin to open the app, press the bin icon on the screen, and follow the instructions to claim your 10p reward.


You can return over-the-counter in the store. Hand over the containers to the store staff of the following stores: Holland & Barrett at Bethel Square, Premier (Brecon Convenience) at High Street, and SPAR at Bryn De Winton to receive your 10p reward.


More information is available here:

Why should I take part?

By participating in the digital deposit return scheme trial and recycling your soft drink container, you will not only get a 10p reward but also help close the loop on plastics! By recycling your bottle, you will help us to understand how digital solutions can help to reduce litter, promote recycling behaviour, and create a circular economy for soft drink containers.

All BUXTON® bottles are 100% recyclable, even the cap and label. When you recycle, the bottle can be recycled into new packaging.

Why is BUXTON supporting this trial?

We aim to be fully circular in the way we design and manage our packaging. We are working with partners across the industry to improve the national recycling rate and support the introduction of a UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). We hope this trial will help inform how the DRS could operate to increase the availability of high-quality recycled plastic to make new bottles.

Thank you for helping us close the loop on plastic. Let’s Rise Up and Recycle!


Learn more about how we protect our source, our water, and our wider sustainability efforts here:

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