Some refreshing news for you

At Buxton, we’re passionate about our local environment and the community we live in. We use recyclable water bottles for all our water, get stuck in with local volunteering opportunities, and go the extra mile to keep our landscape as beautiful as ever.

But recyclable bottles are only half the story. If you didn’t know it already, Buxton is proud to be a 100% renewable company. Along with our initiatives to work with local organisations, we’re committed to ensuring that our appreciation of the environment doesn’t stop at our gates.

Community Relationships



what we pour back in

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Buxton by name, Buxton by nature

We’re Buxton through and through. We love being part of the vibrant, fun-filled community and its naturally pumped-up people. So we work together, going the extra mile to help keep the glorious Peak District landscape as beautiful and unspoiled as ever.

Volunteering - Putting our hands up to help

We’re happy to muck in to help our community. Whether it’s World Water Day, Project WET or planting seeds with local children, we’re always ready to do our bit for Buxton (no matter how soaked and muddy that gets us).

Building local partnerships

We’re all about keeping Buxton and the Peak District a happy, healthy and beautiful place to live. So we go out of our way to team up with others on our wavelength. From supporting The Derbyshire Wildlife Trusts to helping local schools, or sponsoring two wells at the Buxton Well Dressing Festival, we support those as passionate about our community as we are.

Environment Stewardship


We’re all about recycling plastic bottles for a better world. It’s amazing what a can-do attitude can achieve, like our commitment to making our bottles from 100% recyclable material (cutting down packaging by 25% across the range, so they’re now among the lightest in the UK). There’s also Recycle On the Go, the scheme where we set up 60 recycling stations around Buxton and in local schools, helping make it even easier to recycle out and about. Read more here.

Helping our air stay pristine

Breathe easy, because here in the heart of Britain we’re not too far from anywhere. Which is great, because we don’t have to go too far to deliver pure refreshment to you (just 378 miles, max). Handy that, as we’re bang up for keeping CO2 emissions down.

Getting Better with Nature

The beautiful Peak District landscape always lifts our spirits. That’s why we teamed up with The Wildlife Trusts to launch Get Better with Nature, a campaign to help everyone reconnect with the natural world – for a happier, healthier life. Read more about this initiative here.