We’re Supporting Local Communities on Their Journey to the Top

Being a good neighbour

Strong communities help people push ahead on their upward journeys. Just like our natural mineral water pushing through a mile of British rock to rise to the surface, we believe that people can rise to the top too when communities come together.

Being a good neighbour

We’re committed to bring you purity from nature no matter where you are, at home or on the go. But another important part of our purpose is looking after something much bigger than us: the local communities where our natural water begins its journey and the people that inspire us to be a good neighbour wherever we live and work. We’re proud to be part of their stories.

BUXTON® has helped families at risk of summer holiday hunger with social enterprises such as Community Shop and Food Cloud. And we couldn’t have been happier to support our local heroes during the coronavirus crisis, the frontline workers. Here’s more about our community and what we are doing next to help it rise to the top.

Buxton, Derbyshire: home to our pure natural mineral water

The BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water we all enjoy began its journey falling as rain upon the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Peak District over 5,000 years ago. After finding its way through ancient rock, it eventually rushes back to the surface in the historic spa town of Buxton, Derbyshire as pure, natural British mineral water.  The water sources and factory site are part of the very fabric of the local community. Our people are also part of these communities and we see ourselves very much as a local business, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of local people every day.

Buxton hills

The journey to the top starts with healthy, thriving communities

From supporting young talent to ensuring access to food for the most vulnerable among us, everyone at BUXTON® is proud to lend a helping hand and see our communities rise to the top.

Championing Buxton’s young talent to rise up

BUXTON®’s commitment to youth is as strong as ever. Our partnership with Buxton F.C. Academy strives to support young athletes to overcome challenges and push ahead towards their goals. From providing health, hydration and skills aligned with the academic programme to shouting out about the Academy’s success across all our social and digital channels, we’re here to support young people’s upward journeys, both on and off the pitch.

Buxton FC Academy students on a field

Celebrating our local heritage with the new Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience

Buxton has always been a special place. Its thermal mineral water was enjoyed by Romans in the Ancient past. During the 19th century, visitors travelled from far and wide to bathe and ‘take the waters’ and with the 5th Duke of Devonshire’s improvements Buxton developed as a fashionable spa town. There are so many amazing stories to tell about the town’s spa heritage and thermal mineral water. That’s why we’ve partnered with Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust to help create the exciting Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience and tell the story of BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water, its significance in the town’s history and why visitors have flocked to the famous spa town for centuries.

Tickets for the Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience will be available to book online.

Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience

Empowering young people to transform their communities: the R-Generation programme

Young people have the power to make a change at home, in their schools and in their communities. We’re proud to offer them the tools to do so with our R-Generation recycling education programme.

Our team of educational specialists will help students come up with a practical plan of action to make their school and community more sustainable. R-Generation encourages young people to become future recycling ambassadors, leading the way towards protecting nature, its precious water sources and transforming their communities in the process.

items being recycled