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Where is Buxton Natural Mineral Water sourced from?

Buxton® Natural Mineral Water source is in Buxton town, Derbyshire at St Ann's Spring, in the heart of the beautiful Peak District. Buxton® is the number one British natural mineral water brand (Source: IRI, UK Water market, MAT 52 weeks, 18 May 2019, Value Sales)


  52 w/e 18 May, 19 Type Origin Country
Evian Still Plain                                  150,016,544             Mineral      Non-British     France     
Buxton Still Plain 92,673,464 Mineral British British
Volvic Still Plain 63,241,156 Mineral Non-British France
San Pellegrino Carbonated Plain 33,120,788 Mineral Non-British Italian
Brecon Carreg Still Plain 15,005,962 Mineral Non-British Wales
Buxton Carbonated Plain 13,640,098 Mineral British British
Ice Valley Still Plain 9,35,372 Mineral British British


How do we know Buxton® Natural Mineral Water is 5,000 years old ?

We have carried out detailed isotope studies in conjunction with the British Geological Survey that showed that the water originated from meteoric waters (like rainfall) at the end of the last ice-age in the Palaeozoic era, about 5,000 years ago.

How is sparkling water made?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how is sparkling water made?’ look no further. The method for carbonation (addition of carbon dioxide) to Buxton® Natural Mineral Water is achieved in the standard way of chilling the water and then saturating the water with carbon dioxide gas under pressure just before filling.

Does Buxton® Natural Mineral Water come in flavours?

No. Buxton® Natural Mineral Water is only available in plain still and sparkling options.

Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

If you're wondering if sparkling water is bad for your teeth, take into consideration how often and how much you consume.When looking at dental health, plain water (tap, still or sparkling) is an excellent drink of choice. Some sparkling waters have a lower pH than still water. Drinks with low pH values can have higher erosive potential than those with a neutral or alkaline ph. However, you would have to drink significant volume of sparkling water and on a regular basis for a long period for this to be a cause for concern. Sparkling water benefits are no different to those provided by still water.

I have bought my Buxton bottles but it is not very fizzy.

Very sorry to hear your water is not fizzy enough, please contact our Consumer Service team here and provide them with the codes you can find on your bottled water.

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My Buxton bottle is leaking and but the seal and lid do not seem to be damaged.

Very sorry to hear your bottle is leaking, please contact our Consumer Service team here and provide them with the codes you can find on your bottled water.

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