The best of British, bottled

It doesn’t get more British than Buxton Natural Mineral Water. Honest. Full of vitality. No fuss or mucking about. What you see is what you get; purity that’s naturally pumped up, but refreshingly down to earth – and always goes above and beyond to revitalise Britain. We’re proud that this water comes from Buxton, in the heart of the Peak District.

Our water doesn’t do things by halves. Rainfall to bottle takes 5000 years, as it’s slowly filtered downwards through a mile of Derbyshire limestone. By the time it’s naturally pumped up, it’s crisp, delicious. So, well worth hanging about for.

A vital bit of history

The Romans got it – they knew a thing or two about good H2O. The Victorians loved it, flocking to Buxton to take the waters. And in the 80s, we bottled it (in a good way). Well, it wasn’t all shoulder pads, big hair and great music back then. And we’ve been sharing our refreshing vitality with Britain ever since. Greedy not to, really.

A refreshing change

Buxton Water is pure and pristine and we always try to be one step ahead of the game. Like with our fancy, spanking new super-sustainable factory here in our hometown. And our labels. They’ve evolved as we have, reflecting who we are and where we’re from – Buxton, naturally.

We’ve pumped up the choice

Wherever you’re off to and whatever you’re up to, we’ve got just the water to help you stay on top of your game.

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