6 tips to stay motivated when you’re training for a Marathon.

Keeping your eye on the prize

As any distance runner knows, when you run a marathon, you’re not just running those 26.2 miles on the day. In the weeks and months leading up to the starting gun, you’re out there training in all weathers (and all moods), getting some serious miles behind you so you’re ready for the challenge ahead. That’s not for the fainthearted – you need to be a pretty pumped up kind of person.

After all, the temptation of the sofa, the call of the pub with friends or the urge to do something other than running are strong forces that can nag away at your resolve.

So how do you stay motivated during marathon training? How do you keep up the good work or force away the desire to chuck in the towel? First thing first – stay hydrated on every run (it’ll keep you more comfortable, even when things get tough). Our running expert partners at Full Potential also have some top tips, to give you the nudge you need to stay the course and come out a winner, no matter where you finish.

  1. Think about why you’re doing it

What’s your inspiration? Are you shooting for your personal best? If it’s that, plaster your target time in the bathroom, above the telly, in your car. In fact, anywhere and everywhere you spend time, so you can’t get away from what you’re trying to achieve.

Alternatively, remind yourself of the amazing work the charity you’re raising vital funds for does – helping someone can be a powerful driving force. Let yourself be swept along by it and think of all those karma brownie points you’re accumulating. You could even be doing it for a bet. Don’t let yourself lose.

The point is, when marathon training feels like hard work, it’s important to refocus your mind on your goals – so you’re more motivated to get out there, and smash them out of the park.


  1. Get by with a little help from a friend

A really good way to stay bang up for the challenge ahead is to run with a mate. Make a regular date to pound those pavements with them, and stick to it. You’ll be much less likely to skip it if you think you’ll be letting someone else down (rather than just yourself). You could even join a running group and make new like-minded friends. Whatever you go for, together you’ll be able to spur one another on when the going gets tough.

  1. Put the fun back in to training for a marathon

It might be difficult to recall when you hit the wall or are caught in a downpour, but running can be great fun. Remember when it all seemed so new and exiting? You can get that feeling back. So, when it’s a bit of a slog, mix things up a bit. Take a different route. Forget your target time or the need to keep up a pace. Do yourself a brand new run compilation, and turn the volume right up. No matter what does it for you, do it, and rediscover the joy of running.

  1. Build a routine that works for you

Struggle to get out of your warm, comfortable bed for a morning run? Funnily enough, you’re not alone. A tried and tested trick is to put your alarm all the way over the other side of your bedroom, on top of your running gear.

By the time you’ve got out of bed to turn it off, you’re halfway out of the door and on your run. Making sure your kit’s ready for action is a great idea anyway, even if you’re not overly fond of a lie in. It’s one less thing to think about (and one less hurdle in your way).

  1. Reward yourself for a job well done

If you’ve been training to the max without skipping runs, you’re doing brilliantly. So why not reward yourself? Buy yourself that pair of running shoes or some swanky new kit you’ve had your eye on.

Book yourself a massage, and treat your hard-working muscles to a bit of TLC. Or do something totally unrelated to running. After all, you’ve earned it, and it’ll mean you’re more motivated to stay the course. 

  1. You’re doing yourself a power of good

Running is a fantastic way to keep mind and body in tip-top condition. Take a look at yourself. You’ve probably trimmed down and toned up. You might well feel calmer and more relaxed (that’ll be all those feel-good endorphins, right there). Your pace and stamina have no doubt improved. And it’s all down to running.

But those benefits will be lost if you don’t keep things moving in the right direction. Think of every run as putting credits into your long-term health bank. You’re doing yourself a massive favour, and it’s cost you no more than the price of your running kit. Bonus.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of our Sports Cap bottles, and get out there. After all, those miles won’t run themselves.

And if you need any more inspirational running tips and training solutions, pop over to see our expert friends at http://www.fullpotential.co.uk/

* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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