Buxton Water goes 100% renewable

It’s not often we get excited about turning our lights on but, in this case, we’ll make an exception. We’re proud to announce that our Buxton water bottling plant is now 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources!

This means that every bottle of water you drink from Buxton has been produced with power from the planet. Whether it’s from solar, wind or – our personal favourite – hydroelectric power, our entire factory is powered by renewable energy.

This milestone is doubly exciting because we’ve been able to support our local community, by sourcing almost 30% of our electricity through Derwent Hydroelectric Power, a local hydroelectricity supplier. Our electricity is supplied by their nearby facility in Belper Mills, as well as two other sites in the region. So, it’s water powered by water!

Our very chuffed factory manager, Charlie Roberts couldn’t be prouder: “We frequently produce over 2 million bottles in a day of natural mineral and spring water, giving people the chance to choose a healthy beverage.

And we always strive to make our products as sustainable as possible. This initiative brings us closer to zero environmental impact and sees bottled water production actually powered by water.” When we threw open our factory doors in 2013 we were already one of Europe’s most innovative and efficient bottling facilities (have a read here).

Our production lines reduced the amount of plastic we used in our packaging by an average of 25% across the range, as well improving water efficiency and significantly decreasing our total energy output. Since then, we’ve also been independently accredited as zero waste to landfill.

It brings us another step forward in our constant push to find more ways of enjoying a sustainable working relationship with Mother Earth and our end goal of becoming a factory that has zero environmental impact. Although we’re not there just yet, we are getting closer and that’s very exciting.

Using 100% renewable sources to power our factory is a great step forward and something we thought was worth celebrating, which is what we did – with an event in our factory in Buxton in April. Thankfully there was a lot of water on hand the next day!

(From left to right) Jamie Needle (Derwent Hydroelectric), Andrew Bingham MP, NW UK CBM F.Sarzi Braga, Mayor Stewart young and Mayoress Charlotte Young.

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