Letting our hair down the Buxton way at the annual Well Dressing Festival.

At Buxton Water, we’re all for clean H2O. The super, pure, ultra-pristine stuff, actually. The kind that’s been filtered through a mile of limestone for 5000 years. Like ours, in fact. It’s why we’re so protective of our source. And why we built our state-of-the-art bottling factory and piping system. Because we believe that you can’t take any chances when it comes to bringing vital refreshment to Britain. But of course, a bit of divine assistance can’t hurt either.

Cleanliness really is next to godliness 

That’s why we’re such huge fans of the Buxton Well Dressing Festival.

The festival’s a traditional Christian thanksgiving celebration that can trace its roots back to medieval times.

Because, long before all that fancy-pants tech we now use to monitor our water, Buxtonites put their faith in a higher power to deliver an untainted supply of pure refreshment.

After all, then as now, pure water was pretty important round these parts, what with Buxton being one of the most famous spa towns in the country and everything. And that’s something we think is well worth celebrating. Year in, year out.

It’s all good, clean fun

Around 150 years ago, the Buxton Well Dressing Festival as we know it today was born. With so much riding on a clean supply, the locals really went to town. Beautifully crafted creations were made from flower petals and other natural materials, then pressed into clay frames. They were then set up at the 3 wells in Buxton, to decorate them and give thanks for the water’s purity. It’s a colourful, painstaking tradition that involves an army of locals, putting in hundreds of hours of work, and proudly lives on to this day.

Come and join the party 

Visit the Buxton Well Dressing Festival this year, and you’ll see that Buxtonites still like to push the boat out. Don’t miss the Carnival procession, whatever you do. Dozens of fabulously decorated floats make their way along the high street, with local people dressed up in traditional (and no so traditional) costumes. And having a right old knees up while they’re at it. A Well Dressing Queen is chosen and the grand finale is the Blessing of the Wells, where the beautiful well decorations can be seen in all their glory.

It’s a 3-day party that’s enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike. And we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

2016 Festival : July 3rd until 11th

If you want to know more, visit http://www.buxtonwelldressing.co.uk/ 

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