Make a refreshing change to your life

Start a new adventure and discover a world of possibilities.

It might be a poster you pass every day advertising trapeze lessons. Or a friend who’s just bought a round the world ticket. Maybe it’s another birthday, passing you by. Whatever stirs the adventurous side of your spirit, we say, listen to it.

Because at Buxton Natural Mineral Water, we’re all for embracing life’s opportunities, grabbing the bull by the horns and going for it. After all, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a rut, so why not make a new change?

Break out of your comfort zone and refuse to live with ‘what if’. With a naturally pumped-up attitude and a push in the right direction, you could make your dreams come true, and live your life to the max.

Try something new today

Go on. Give something fresh a go, even if it’s something small to start with, like taking a different way home from work, cooking a dish you’ve always fancied trying out, or teaching yourself to juggle.

Just don’t forget to stay hydrated while you’re at it (that’s one routine you definitely shouldn’t break). After all, keeping yourself well-watered could help you focus on your new challenge ahead.

Whatever you choose to do (even if it’s a  bit of a disaster first time round) you’ve already won. Because you’ll have given yourself a new experience and a brand new perspective.

Not only that, you’ll now see more clearly that new possibilities are there for the taking all around you, wherever you look, 24/7. You simply need to get into the habit of grabbing them with both hands.

Breaking the routine, making it happen

It’s all too simple to find excuses why you shouldn’t try something fresh and exciting. You’re too busy. You’re too long in the tooth. It’s too hot. Or too cold. The trouble is, if you focus on why you can’t, you probably never will – you’ll just keep talking yourself out of it.

Instead, if you see something you might like to give a whirl, just go for it. What have you got to lose? You might not be that great at it to begin with, you might even feel a bit silly trying, but so what?

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and you’ll never know how far you can take it (or even whether it’s for you at all), until you try. And it might end up being the best thing you ever did.

Leave no stone unturned

Of course, you might think there’s something you should be doing, but can’t quite pin down what that might be just yet (like an itch you just can’t scratch). If this sounds like you, have a think about the sort of things that get your juices flowing, and write them down.

Is it sport? Are you a foodie? Do you like to help people? Once you’ve narrowed down what does it for you, start doing your research. Get out and about or get online, and discover what you need to do to get involved.

Don’t be shy; talk to anyone and everyone to find out as much as you can. You may be pleasantly surprised by the response – people often love to inspire others about the thing they’re passionate about. By going out on a limb, you could discover an exciting adventure, or the perfect niche for you, which you never even knew existed before.

Seize the moment and make a new change your life

There are so many people out there embracing life, by adopting a never say die spirit and falling in love with something new. They’ve learned a language, taken up taekwondo, researched their family tree or volunteered for a charity – a million and one things that enrich their existence.

So, what are you waiting for? Armed with a pumped-up mental attitude, an insatiable curiosity (and maybe a bottle of Buxton water to keep you refreshed and focused) you can start to mix things up a bit. Embrace life and the unfamiliar, seek out fresh challenges and make new friends. It’s all there for you – you just need to grab it. 

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* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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