Helping others Every Sip of The Way.

Take a look at our marathon advice that is helping keep this year’s runners on track.

With a marathon just around the corner, all those hours, days and weeks of training come rain or shine, are about to be put to the ultimate test. For some, the excitement’s building (we can’t wait). For others, the nerves are kicking in. Can they go the distance? How much will it hurt?

At Buxton Water, we get it – every runner needs a boost or some marathon running tips now and again to get them through. After all, we’ve been there handing out our Buxton Natural Mineral Water to Virgin Money London Marathon runners, year in year out. We’ve experienced the highs and lows, up close and personal. And this time, we’re here before, during and after the big day too, helping every last have-a-go-hero go the distance once again, Every Sip of the Way.

A trip down the Buxton Memory Lane

Like at our Buxton Memory Lane, where runners can jog along with a loved one for part of the course, and make the day truly unforgettable. And we’re by giving those racing and their supporters too, the chance to help themselves (and others) over the finishing line, by sharing running support, marathon advice and weird and wonderful moments on Twitter.

Caught on camera

Take a look at what keeps this brave bunch of runners going as they share their revealing and inspirational videos:

  • Vicky’s top training tips

Check out Vicky’s sweet idea to get her through training.

  • Martyn’s marathon thoughts

Discover what Martyn’s thinks as he’s plodding along.

  • Support helps Raj over the line

See how the crowd helped Raj conquer the Palace half marathon (and what inanimate objects overtook him too).


Helping those who are helping others

All these films are just a little taster of the strange, silly and downright amazing stories that are part and parcel of every marathon runners’ incredible journey. We know that sometimes it can feel like they’re doing it all alone. But each and every one are giving it their all, going the extra mile and doing something completely brilliant for others. And with our help - and yours too - we can all be by their side, Every Sip of the Way.

See more of those runners stories in our other article, click here.

Got a weird, wonderful, crazy or cool thing that helps you reach your marathon or any other run goals? We’d love to hear all about it – share your video with #EverySip our Twitter page.

* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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