How to overcome ‘hitting the wall’ during a marathon.

Doing what it takes to get over the finish line. How those quirky rituals and deeply personal goals are what keeps runners going.

Running a marathon is no mean feat – it’s 26 miles 385 yards of super-hard graft, full of challenging moments before and during the race. Of course, it takes a pretty special kind of person to even attempt it (and we salute every last one). But you can absolutely be sure that each and every runner out there has a unique approach to getting through the tough times, and driving themselves on, day after day. After all, no matter how bang-up-for-it you are, everyone has to find their own way of going the distance and overcoming the ‘runners wall’.

Whatever does it for you – we’re with you Every Sip of The Way

It could be driving yourself on to a personal best, in the driving rain. Or listening to a much-loved comedy show on loop, so you stay smiling as you begin hitting ‘the wall’. It could be drinking only crisp, clear refreshing Buxton Water to keep you hydrated all the way (we reckon that’s just sensible). Because on the Virgin Money London Marathon day, and every day leading up it, it’s staying focused on what (or who) you’re doing it for, and those quirky little habits you rely on, that keeps you in the running.

For some, it’s shouting, babies and boy bands

Looking for some marathon inspiration? Check out what motivates this plucky pair as they pound the streets in the lead up to the big day:

  • Raj’s rituals

See how a good yell and a certain bunch of world-famous Manchester lads, helps Raj shine, even in the darkest moments.

  • Nick’s driving force

Discover how thinking about a very special little lady (and a big personal goal) keeps Nick on track. 


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* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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