Building our future, caring for our heritage

Buxton Natural Mineral Water began life some 5000 years ago, when it fell as rain on the pristine Peak District landscape. Back in those days, there was nothing here except rolling hills, perhaps a sheep or two. Not a thing to spoil the untouched purity. And luckily, not much has changed since then.

Keeping everything the way it’s always been

Preserving our unblemished environment was front of mind when it came to the design and build of our brand, spanking-new, state-of-the-art home. Because, it wasn’t just about creating a super-efficient bottling factory, capable of delivering as much refreshment, as sustainably as possible, to Britain. Although, that was vitally important, it has to be said.

For us though, it was always essential to create somewhere that worked with and complemented our gorgeous natural landscape, honouring its heritage and blending in with its beautiful setting. After all, we’re from round here. We like things the way they are.

Where there’s a will, there’s a wave

So that’s what we did, from the ground up. Every last detail has been thought through to be as super-sensitive to our environment as possible. Take our wave shaped roof. We could have gone for a boring old flat roof. But then it wouldn’t have blended in as perfectly as it does with the rise and fall of the undulating Peak District hills that surround it. And we like that. A lot.

The way we look after rainwater is special too, thanks to a highly sustainable urban drainage system that closely mimics nature. Well, who knows, we might be bottling it again in 5000 years’ time.

And our recycled heating and low energy lighting work together helping to reduce energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ve even built ourselves a butterfly meadow. Working with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the local Butterfly Conservation Group, students from Derbyshire University ‘Skills for Life’ course planted a charming wild flower meadow in our factory grounds. And loads of butterfly species have come back to visit us – a sign of a healthy, vibrant ecosystem, that. And rather easy on the eye, too. 

It’s a BREEAM come true

The factory is independently certified as ‘Zero Waste’ to landfill. It features traditional Derbyshire dry stone walls. And it was built mainly by local craftsmen using as many materials sourced within 50 miles. Plus, everything was completed just 311 days after it began.

And it’s thanks to all of this meticulous care and attention to the place we hold most dear, that helped us gain an sparkling 5 star ‘excellent’ from BREEAM. No, that’s not a fish. It’s the leading UK independent design assessment method for sustainable building. And something which we’re ridiculously proud to have achieved.

See our state of the art factory building with this timelapse

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