Helping young people learn a vital lesson

We love Buxton. It’s teeming with spectacular scenery and pumped up people, young and old. But it isn’t just round here we want to keep beautiful. We’re British to the bone, so we’ll always go above and beyond to help this fair nation of ours stay stunning for generations to come.

Talking about R-Generation

So we thought we’d start with the next one. The bright young things of Buxton to be precise. Working with the can-do crew at the RECOUP and Wastebusters charities, we’ve come up with a refreshing new educational idea called R-Generation.

We’ve been working in the local schools providing recycling bins and competitions for years now, but we wanted to do more. Launched at schools around Buxton way in early 2015, R-Generation is all about helping kids understand the importance and benefits of recycling our valuable resources, particularly plastics. Something very close to our hearts, that.

So we worked with our charity partners and the schools to create a whole heap of assets to help primary and secondary schools rise to this vital challenge. Our R-Generation educational packs are crammed full with top stuff like multi-media assemblies, fascinating films, engaging lesson plans and useful teachers’ notes. Not forgetting exciting competitions with a load of exclusive prizes too.

Sparking the imagination of our freshest recyclers

We wanted to help our youngest Buxtonites to understand the recycling journey of plastic bottles. By entering our ‘Pledge 4 Plastics’ competition, primary school pupils, their families and teachers, all pledged to recycle one or more plastic bottle a week. What did they win? A ‘Baby Busta’, a gorgeous 100% rPET soft toy, made from five recycled plastic bottles, of course. And the cutest, cuddliest way to bring the recycling story to life, there is.

Helping a new generation get pumped up about the environment

Obviously, getting the attention of older kids isn’t quite that simple. So we decided to feed their hungry young minds, then see how they put their new found knowledge into practice. Because as Katy Newnham, Director at Wastebusters rightly says, “Young people need more opportunities to express their ideas and opinions on recycling.” But of course, they need to know all about it before they can.

So we showed them eye-opening recycling innovations, the psychology of how we think about it and fascinating advances in plastic technology. All of which sparked our youngsters’ interest and gave them the skills to recycle better at home, school or on the go, now and in the future.

Brilliantly, Buxton Community School Head Teacher, Craig Yates tells us that R-Generation has already proved a big hit; “Students have found it fascinating to explore the science, technology and engineering behind plastic production and recycling and understand the important role consumers play in 'closing the loop’.”

The fact is, R-Generation has gone down so well, we’re now well up for rolling it out around the country, so schools all over Britain can help the next generation of recyclers, naturally rise to the top.

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