Recycle on the Go : doing our bit to make recycling easier and better understood

At Buxton Natural Mineral Water, we know how important it is to keep our lush, green landscape as unspoiled as it was when our water fell on it as rain, 5000 years ago. That’s why we help protect our source. So that once it’s filtered through a mile of Peak District limestone, our water can be naturally pumped up, pure and pristine, just as it always has been.

Making on-the-go recycling, a doddle

So we started right here, in our own home town. Well, where better? Buxton people have a natural can-do attitude, after all. They care about their setting. And they like a laugh too.

In July 2010, Recycle On the Go was born in Buxton, the Peak District.  21 recycling stations (Buxton’s first ever) were dotted around town and in local schools. Each had three sections: one for general waste, one for cans and one for plastic bottles. Our goal was to make it much easier for the people of Buxton to recycle out of their homes whilst on the move, and crack down on waste, so more can get reused. 

And of course, our lot rose to the challenge. Helped by some rather persuasive tactics, as you can see here: 

In fact, it was so successful, we added 15 more stations the very next year (but not so many talking ones this time). Good work everybody.

And it’s also protected within certain set vulnerability perimeters to avoid pollution and contamination but it can’t be chemically treated. Not only that, it’s fit for human consumption at the source (and kept in that state until bottled).

Going the extra mile for the environment

Of course, we know there’s always more to do. That’s why, as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we’re working with schools to help improve education about recycling plastic. Helping children understand once plastic has done its job, it isn’t just rubbish but a resource that can be used again and again.

We’ve forged partnerships with organisations such as WRAP to improve the clarity of our recycling messages. It’s a relationship that’s helped us reduce the plastic in our bottle, by a huge 25% across the range, making it one of the lightest in the UK and of course it’s 100% recyclable.

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