Georgie Rose-Connolly – Dancer

Georgie Rose-Connolly – Dancer

Georgie Rose-Connolly, a truly inspirational dancer, shows us that adversity is just an opportunity to rise higher. When the world was trying to push her down, she just pushed back harder.

Georgie (27) joined the Norwegian National Ballet Company in Oslo in 2015, performing in a sell-out showing of The Nutcracker. It was an achievement against the odds for someone who was told as a child that she would be too tall to be a gymnast, suffered several injury setbacks and as a teenager was bullied by her fellow ballet students because she suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, which causes muscle spasms (but does not affect her speech).

But what made her bounce back and persevere through all the adversity? Georgie says “I’ve never wanted to give up as much as I wanted to make it.” It’s that determination and resilience that made her not only rise to the challenge, but well above it.

She now draws on her Tourette’s as an influence in her modern dance, and wants to continue exploring this as her inspiration, as well as performing in top level ballet shows such as Swan Lake.

Following the outbreak of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Georgie decided to come home to be near her friends and family. Always staying positive and driven, she hasn’t let uncertainty take over her dreams and projects. Since the beginning of lockdown in the UK, she has been bringing world dancers and musicians together, asking them to record themselves dance and play, creating a truly original performance. Georgie continues to practice ballet every day from her home and champions those who pursue their ambitions, however big or crazy these might be. In her own words: ‘With collaboration and endurance, we can all rise up, together’.

Future Goals: To become a top choreographer in the UK.

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