Join The #SweatAndTears Movement


Join the #SweatAndTears movement and your selfies can make a difference in raising awareness for mental health.​

More people are discovering the benefits of drinking the daily recommended amount of water and being active on their mental well-being. Life’s twists and turns come our way at any given time, which is why BUXTON, in partnership with Mind, are promoting a healthy mental and physical well-being.

Take part in the #SweatAndTears movement

Join the movement, take part, and rise up to mental health in two steps:

  1. Hydrate - Staying hydrated plays a role in maintaining our health and well-being. It helps maintain normal and healthy cognitive function.
  2. Get active – whether you’re going for a walk, run or just working out at home.
  3. Share a selfie with the hashtag #SweatAndTears to show your support and raise awareness for mental health.

What is the #SweatAndTears challenge?

Buxton is proud to launch #SweatAndTears – a movement that promotes the power of hydration and mental wellbeing. With the #SweatAndTears challenge, we want you to get moving, and show your way of supporting your mental health and building resilience by posting all about it on social media!