Buxton Awarded Certification from The Alliance of Water Stewardship

Buxton® are proud to announce that we have been awarded the top score for water stewardship! Of course, we’ve been telling you why staying hydrated is so important and why we need water but behind the scenes, we’ve been working on water sustainability. So, you might be wondering, “what is the Alliance of Water Stewardship and what does it mean for Buxton®?” We’ve all you need to know below.

What is an Alliance of Water Stewardship?

Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global membership collaboration containing businesses, NGOs and the public sector. They focus on contributing to the sustainability of local water recourses by promoting their framework for the sustainable use of water.

The Alliance of Water Stewardship Standard is the international accredited standard for measuring responsible water stewardship across social, cultural, environmental, and economic criteria. By creating this, they then recognise and reward good water stewardship performance. A platinum rating is the highest level of certification available, which Buxton® have proudly received!

How did Buxton® achieve a platinum Alliance of Water Stewardship certification?

To gain the Alliance of Water Stewardship certification, a team from across Nestlé Waters has used those strong community relationships to lead projects across the Peak District, designed to care for water use and improve water efficiency, as well protecting the sustainability of the water balance in the local area.

Joint work with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to manage land at the former Lightwood Reservoir site is just one example of these efforts. The site, owned by Nestlé Waters since 2016, is an important area for both nature and the local community. The trust has agreed to manage the land, using its expertise to protect and improve biodiversity across a variety of habitats.

What does an Alliance of Water Stewardship certification mean for Buxton®?

Our efforts for water sustainability have been recognised with the Alliance of Water Stewardship certification! This means, we can carry on with the sustainability efforts listed above, as they have been approved and proved to work.

Along with water sustainability, we’ve been working on reducing plastic waste by partnering with Biffa. Click to read more about our efforts!

Find out what some of the Buxton® family have to say about our AWS certification

So, what do our team think of this prestigious award? Find out how they feel about our Alliance of Water Stewardship certification below.

Grant McKenzie, Managing Director for Nestlé Waters UK, said: “We know how important it is that we protect the landscape which makes our water special and it is our responsibility to preserve the land’s richness, diversity and vitality in this beautiful part of the world.”

“The certification recognises the efforts we have led in the community where we live and work, to ensure high quality and sustainable water stewardship, so the natural sources are protected for everyone.”  

Hayley Lloyd House, Head of Sustainability for Nestlé Waters UK said: “We are extremely proud to have our passion and hard work recognised with the highest level of certification possible. Working to achieve this has transformed our thinking and focus on water beyond our factory site some of the most valuable contributions have come from discussions with our community members about the current and future shared water challenges affecting the Peak District.”

“[We have] developed a deeper understanding of these challenges provided new opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise to benefit the whole area now and for many years to come.”

“I hope this recognition of our efforts will act as a catalyst for more local, collective action united behind a simple, common purpose: to care for water. Action is needed now more than ever for the future survival of our planet and water is vital for that”.

We hope you’re are as excited as we are about achieving the platinum score for the Alliance of Water Stewardship. If you’re also looking for something exciting to achieve, check out our UK Marathon Calendar!

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