BUXTON Sweat and Tears Runners Share Their Post-marathon Feelings

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And just like that, the London Marathon 2023 has come to a close! After experiencing that rush of adrenaline when they crossed the finish line, we asked our Buxton Sweat and Tears Runners to share their post-marathon feelings and any other reflections they had after completing this huge achievement. See what wisdom they had to share below.

Also, make sure to check out their #SweatAndTears pre-marathon interviews to find out more on why they started running.

Sha tells us how the marathon reminded him of how far he’s come

Sha completed the London Marathon 2023 to commemorate his mental health journey and normalise the conversation around it for others. He reflects on the lessons he learnt along the way…

When asked how he found the London Marathon, Sha replied, “It’s not supposed to be easy.  It’s a good test of strength, stamina, and mindset. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come and of everything I’ve overcome in the past.” Mentally, Sha said, “Parts of my life flashed before my eyes when I was running: my running journey, my mental health journey. All of it.”

Sha also tells us about the importance of hydration during the marathon: “I kept picking up a bottle every time I saw a Buxton Water stand. It helped with my concentration and kept me on track. Hydration is key — your body needs it.”

As he mentioned in our pre-marathon interview, Sha explains how finding community helped him on his journey, thanks to the shared experiences. He also says, “If you have an opportunity to make a difference, take it.”


Lesley exceeded her own expectations during the marathon

After experiencing pressure in her personal and professional life, Lesley took up running to help with her mental health journey.

Lesley tells us running the marathon was easier than anticipated! “I anticipated a wall or some really serious doubts during it and I felt phenomenal the whole way through. I can’t believe I managed to complete a marathon with such ease. It’s all down to the fantastic support I had and the fantastic training plan.”

When managing her mental well-being in the run-up to the marathon, she tells us, “It was incredibly tough because I didn’t want to let anybody down. I went into it thinking I’ve got to get through this, even if I’m crawling across that line.” To get through this, she says, “The journey of resilience that marathon training takes you on means you have to believe in the people around you.”

Lesley tells us she learnt an important lesson on hydration during her training: “I now hydrate throughout my run and I’m feeling much fresher. It’s made such a difference to my skin, my hair, my health, my thinking and my whole sense of self.”


Eva remembered the importance of staying calm during her marathon run

After suffering from a torn ACL which impacted her physical and mental wellbeing, Eva took up running to get her back to feeling her best.

Though she felt unwell halfway through the marathon, she really enjoyed the experience. She advises, “Stay calm and remember why you’re doing it. You’ve put in all the hard work already.”

Another piece of wisdom she tells us and other runners is to, “Break [the marathon] down into small chunks. If things are getting tough, don’t be afraid of walking. Walk for one minute and run for seven or eight minutes. Don’t get intimidated by other people.”

Something she took away from the marathon for running in the future is, “Physically, I definitely need to do strength training. It’s so important for running well and healthily.”


Running and marathon training is no easy feat – on the body or the mind! It’s safe to say that we’re super proud of our Buxton Runners and thank them for sharing their experiences and post-marathon feelings for our #SweatAndTears campaign. For more marathon training and tips, make sure to see our guides. And remember, drinking water is key so check out our hydration guides next.

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