Drinking water on the go whilst commuting

Hydration Commuting

Why drink water during your commute? 

Whether you’re crammed into an overcrowded train, powering through a lengthy bus ride or simply stuck in a traffic jam, your on the go daily commute is an unavoidable fact of life.

Man commuting on a bike with a Buxton Water bottle in his backpack

Rushing to make your stop. Pushing through crowds. Running up and down stairs. Changing trains over and over. And weaving through traffic. It all means that any chance of getting into work relaxed is about as likely as getting that promotion you’re still waiting for.
You might, however, be surprised to hear that staying hydrated on the go can make a big difference to your wellbeing and work performance.
Research shows that if your hydration levels decrease by just 2% you’re at risk of  greater fatigue and reduced levels of alertness. (National Hydration Council, 2017)
On top of that, more severe or sustained dehydration has been found to affect brain function and impair short-term memory. Who knew? The magic of water! (National Hydration Council, 2017)
With that in mind, here are five top tips for staying hydrated with BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water, as you make your way to work.

People commuting for work

Top tips for hydrated commuting

1. Carry a bottle in your bag so you have plenty to drink on the go.
2. Drink at least half a litre of water before you enjoy your morning pick-me-up coffee, as caffeine is a diuretic.
3. Eat more fruits – especially ones with high water content – as they contribute to your overall intake. Try melons, oranges, or berries.
4. Check your urine colour before you leave. Strange as that sounds, it’s a surefire sign that you need to drink more. It should be a pale straw colour rather than dark yellow and concentrated.
5. Allow yourself plenty of time for your door-to-door commute. Always account for the inevitable delays and holdups, as rushing from train to bus to work or vice versa will cause you to overheat, sweat, and dehydrate. Even heavy traffic could leave you all hot and bothered.
Yep, drinking water on your daily commute could really help your productivity at work as well as your mental and physical performance*. So for a more energised and productive mind, start your day and your commute with a cheeky drink – of water.
 Learn more about other ways to stay hydrated and why it is important, click here.

Woman keeping hydrated while commuting with a bottle of Buxton Water in her bag.

* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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