Water Sustainability and Buxton Bottle Recycling

The natural goodness in our water is extremely precious. So naturally, protecting it is at the heart of everything we do.

We take care of the environment that makes the pure BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water special and are further reducing our carbon emissions on the journey to Net Zero by 2050. We’re bringing you healthy hydration in packaging designed to be sustainable and fully recyclable. And when it comes to our water resources, we’re dedicated guardians, committed to water sustainability, protecting the natural sources and the land around them so that future generations can enjoy the same natural purity of water. Here’s what to look forward to.

BUXTON is the largest British natural mineral water brand helping close the recycling loop with all bottles entirely made of recycled plastic

Our bottles are designed to keep your favourite water naturally pure, safe and conveniently available no matter where you are. And their job is not over once you’ve enjoyed the last sip.

All our packaging is fully recyclable, even the cap! But we want to go even further and become fully circular in the way we design and manage packaging, so that no plastic bottle ends up in landfill or as waste. Instead, we give it a chance at a second life to become a brand-new bottle. All BUXTON® bottles are now entirely made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, to reduce our impact on the environment and accelerate achieving a circular economy. This means we will reuse existing plastic to create new BUXTON® bottles.

  • We believe that all new bottles should be made from other bottles 
  • By 2022, the full BUXTON® range will be made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) * 
  • Buxton is helping close the recycling loop with all bottles entirely made of recycled plastic 
  • All Buxton bottles are 100% recyclable and designed for recyclability – they’re easy to flatten and drop into the recycling bin
  • We’re working with others across the industry to improve the national recycling rate and support the UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme

By recycling your bottles, you can help to close the loop on plastics. Let’s act together and recycle!

*Our bottles are 100% made of other bottles, excluding caps and labels

BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water partnership with Biffa

And we’ve got the partners to help us do just that. Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste management business, has joined us to make it easier for you to recycle your BUXTON® bottles and ensure PET plastic is recovered, recycled and reused. They will be collecting recyclable PET bottles and reprocessing them here in the UK into high-quality food-grade recycled PET, which today is sourced from Europe.

Together, Nestlé Waters and Biffa will ultimately offer a more sustainable choice for consumers of natural source waters, encourage the UK to recycle more and make a long-lasting positive impact on the future of our planet.

We’re taking action on all fronts to make sure our plastic bottles are recognised as a valuable resource that can be used again.

Buxton partnership with Biffa

Our On-the-Go Recycling Scheme

BUXTON®’s On-the-Go recycling scheme has shown what is possible to achieve through ongoing community engagement and sustained education when using simple and clear messages. The results are impressive. Just by revamping the bins around Buxton’s town centre with bright colours alongside useful information about the bottle-to-bottle recycling story, we’ve seen a 20% improvement in recycling rates. The success of our On-the-Go Recycling Scheme makes us even more committed to a help make sustainable town centres a reality.

On-the-Go Recycling Scheme

Our bigger sponsorship events such as the TCS London Marathon  help us reach even greater numbers with our recycling messages – and encourage more people to become involved with reducing plastic waste.

Plus, working with OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label), we’ve also made it easier to find out more information about the recyclability of our products via the new OPRL app.

Protecting water resources for future generations

Water is one of nature’s most precious resources, which is why water stewardship lies at the heart of everything we do. We’re going beyond the walls of our factory to work with the local community and our partners to find collective solutions to sustainable water management, to ensure the quality of the sources and the protection of the land around them for now and long into the future.

view of Buxton hills

BUXTON® site, first in the UK to receive top score for water stewardship

We care deeply for the precious water resources around us. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our pioneering water stewardship work has seen the home of BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water achieve the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard certification with platinum status, the highest level possible, an important international recognition for outstanding commitment to responsible water policies and initiatives.

We continue to push forward and work together to overcome water challenges. We know we have an important role to play in improving and preserving the landscape that makes BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water special. We are driven by our responsibility to preserve its richness, diversity and vitality. 

Our partnership with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust aims to increase biodiversity

Strengthening biodiversity and helping to protect the natural purity of our waters means doing the right thing above ground to protect what’s underneath. Working with partners such as the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust helps us to understand the ecological environment around our sources and develop sustainable land management plans to ensure we take care of places where wildlife can thrive and people can connect with, learn from and be inspired by nature.

Buxton hills

Tackling climate change starts with our factory

Much like the journey of BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water, rising through a mile of British rock before reaching the surface, we’re pushing ahead, overcoming challenges and committed to managing our business sustainably.

We’re combining innovation and sustainability

Modern and efficient bottling facilities have always been part of the BUXTON® Water journey from its natural source all the way to you. Our state-of-the-art factory in Buxton was designed and built with sustainability at its core. The factory is one of Europe’s most innovative and environmentally sustainable and powered by renewable electricity.

AWS announcement

BUXTON®’s new investments to significantly cut carbon emissions 

Today we’re gearing up for another major investment that will bring distribution in-house to significantly reduce the need for our products to be transported from our Buxton bottling plant to external warehouses by road. It is estimated that the new investment will cut carbon emissions by around 480T every year based on current volumes! 

Buxton factory investments for water sustainability