Our Commitment

We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, to reduce our impact on the environment and accelerate achieving a circular economy. This means we will reuse existing plastic to create new BUXTON® bottles

  • We believe that all new bottles should be made from other bottles*
  • By 2021, the full BUXTON® range will be made from 100% recycled plastic** (rPET)
  • Our first 100% recycled bottles – 25CL, 50CL Sports Cap, 75CL and 1L – are available now!
  • All BUXTON® bottles are 100% recyclable and designed for recyclability – they’re easy to crush and drop into the recycling bin
  • We’re working with others across the industry to improve the national recycling rate and support the UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme

Discover more about our sustainability actions as well as our work in the local Buxton community

*We are stimulating the ‘bottle to bottle’ circular economy’. The minimum 68% of recycled PET come from old/other bottles and we are working to increase it year by year

**excluding caps and labels