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BUXTON® Is the Largest British Mineral Water Brand to Use 100% Recycled Plastic in All Its Bottles

We want to deliver our water to you in the best container possible to support your daily hydration! BUXTON® aims to become fully circular in the way we design and manage packaging, so that no plastic bottle ends up in landfill or as waste. BUXTON® bottles are made with recycled PET plastic (rPET) which has great advantages in terms of its carbon footprint, and being one of the most environmentally sustainable options today when compared to glass, aluminium cans or multi-material cartons. 

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Instead, we give it a chance to become a brand-new bottle. Which is why BUXTON® is proud to be one of the first, and also the largest, UK mineral water brand to have all its bottles made of recycled PET plastic (rPET) excluding caps and labels.

Rise Up and Recycle !


All our packaging is recyclable, even the cap*! All BUXTON® bottles are recyclable and designed for recycling – they’re easy to flatten and drop into the recycling bin.

We’re working with partners across the industry to improve the national recycling rate and support the introduction of a UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme.

By recycling your bottles, you can help to close the loop on plastics. Let’s Rise Up and Recycle!

* To recycle, please flatten the bottle and replace the cap!

BUXTON® Natural Mineral Water partnership with Biffa

And we’ve got the partners to help us do just that. Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste management business, is working with us to ensure PET plastic is recovered, recycled and made into new bottles . Our aim is that in the future, BIFFA will be collecting more recyclable PET bottles and reprocessing them here in the UK, into high-quality food-grade recycled PET that BUXTON will be using to make new bottles from. Today our recycled PET is sourced from Europe and we want to change that. . 

Together, Nestlé Waters UK and Biffa will ultimately offer more circular, recycled PET plastic packaging for consumers of natural source waters and in turn we hope this will encourage the UK population to recycle more and help create a long-lasting positive impact on the future of our planet. 

We’re taking action on all fronts to make sure our plastic bottles are recognised as a valuable resource that can be used again and again. They are not waste! 

On-the-Go Recycling Scheme

An On-the-Go recycling scheme has shown what is possible to achieve through ongoing community engagement and sustained education when using simple and clear messages. The results are impressive. Just by revamping the bins around Buxton’s town centre with bright colours alongside useful information about the bottle-to-bottle recycling story, we’ve seen a 20% improvement in recycling rates. The success of this On-the-Go Recycling Scheme put in place with the local borough council over 5 years ago, makes us even more committed to a help make recycling on the go easier. 

Our bigger sponsorship events, such as the TCS London Marathon, help us reach even greater numbers with our recycling messages – and encourage more people to become involved with reducing plastic waste. 

Plus, working with OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label), we’ve also made it easier to find out about the recyclability of our products via the new easy to use, on pack recycling logos . 

cap on rec

Reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles

BUXTON® is now producing its lightest ever bottles containing as little plastic as possible, whilst maintaining the durability and safety consumers expect from BUXTON®. We did our best to balance the right amount of plastic for your comfort, and the right one for the environment, to bring our water to you. 


Next, discover why water stewardship is such a big part of everything we do and how we’re transforming our environmentally-friendly factory. 

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