Onwards and upwards at Virgin Money London Marathon

Every year, you’ll find us at the Virgin Money London Marathon, handing out cool, clear Buxton refreshment that helps thousands of brave runners over the line. And we’ll be there this year too, keeping thousands moving on up towards their goal.

Marathon Runner with Bottle of Buxton Water 1 - Buxton Water

The excitement’s building…

This year’s London marathon is just around the corner, and we can’t wait. We’re working hard in the background to make sure this is the best year ever – we hope to see you there on the big day.

Marathon Runner with Bottle of Buxton Water 2 - Buxton Water

Filling up along the way

Our water stations are dotted along the course, providing vital refreshment for parched runners in need of a hit of Buxton goodness to keep them in the race – and help them along towards the finishing line. London marathon 2019 here we come!

Plastic Bottle Recycling Process Infographic - Buxton Water

The big clean up

In order to speed up the clean-up process on the day, there will be a number of drop zones dotted around the course, where runners can dispose of their bottles for recycling. Rest assured, all Buxton bottles left on the marathon route will be collected and recycled by the relevant London boroughs. This year, for the first time we will be trialling a Closed Loop project with the Virgin Money London Marathon. Collecting bottles from four boroughs (Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Southwark and Canary Wharf) and sending them directly back to a bottle reprocessor, so that they can be recycled back into new bottles.

Take a look
Plastic Bottle Recycling Process Infographic - Buxton Water