Buxton Water Stations at the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

• Plan in advance how often you're going to take water on board during your race - Buxton Natural Mineral Water is offered at every mile from 3 miles through to 25 miles. Water is supplied in 250ml race bottles with a flip-top, you don’t need to pick up a bottle at each one.

• Check the course map to acquaint yourself with where the water stations are located and during the race, pay attention so you know when they are coming up.

• To be set out effectively, a water station requires an adequate stretch of straight road, so not all stations are immediately adjacent to mile markers. Each station will be clearly signed. Wherever possible, drinks will be offered from both sides of the road.

• Water stations are busy and congested places! Decide in advance, where you're going to stop – most people head for the first table so instead run towards the middle/back and you’ll probably find it’s a lot less congested here.

• It’s always busy with people stopping and setting back off again, so it’s vital that you keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled for any eventuality.

• If you're not stopping at a water station – you still need to take care! People will be darting in and out – run straight down the centre line (check behind you first) and this will allow other runners to get in.

• If possible, try to make eye contact with the person handing out the water bottle you're going to take, even shouting “mine” so they and other runners understand what you're doing – it’s quicker and easier to take a bottle directly from one of the volunteers rather than stopping at a table to pick one up.

• If you decide at the last minute that you want some water, don’t cut across other runners, be sure to check behind you for any incoming runners, wait for an opening and move across to the tables.

• Avoid stopping in your tracks – other runners can very easily bump into you or vice versa.

• Make sure you look behind you when going in and coming out of the water stations to ensure you're not going to bump into another runner.

• We advise that you take your bottle and get out of the water station as quickly and safely as possible and then start sipping the water once you are away from the melee.

• You may also choose to use the water stations as your walking break, if you're following a run/walk race plan – just be careful and try not to get in the way of other runners who are coming through.

• You’ll see empty bottles throughout each station (and in the vicinity after each station as well) so it’s imperative that you pay real attention here … it is very easy to fall or twist an ankle by rolling over a water bottle or top.

• Volunteers at each water station will be making every effort to collect used bottles from the road to keep it safe for runners. These are collected in very large sacks behind the stations for collection and recycling.

• Once you’ve finished drinking what you need from the bottle, it’s OK to drop the bottle on the floor.Try not to hit another runner, volunteer or spectator … remember that your bottle can easily be something that another runner can trip up over, so if possible drop it to the side of the road where other runners can’t trip over it.

• Do not throw your bottle across the race route - it can easily hit other runners or spray them with water. Drop these to the side of the road.

• Remember to sip the water rather than glugging it down all in one go - this can cause stomach cramps because of the air you are also swallowing.

• It’s important that you practice drinking from a water bottle while running before race day… Try to keep running while sipping the water and go with the flow of runners. If you can’t drink and run at the same time, then aim to walk to one side out of the way and avoiding other runners.

• Buxton Natural Mineral Water is working with the Virgin Money London Marathon and each of the Borough Councils along the route, who collect the used bottles as part of their waste and recycling schemes.

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* Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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