Proud supporters of the Virgin Money London Marathon’s #NaturalHeroes

Pumping runners up, every step of the way

It takes a pretty special kind of person to run the Virgin Money London Marathon. After all, it isn’t just the gruelling 26 mile, 385 yard course that winds through the Capital’s vibrant urban landscape, they have to conquer (often dressed as a superhero or telephone box). Although that’s pretty amazing, it has to be said.

There’s also the weeks and months leading up to the big day, pushing mind and body to limit, putting one foot in front of another, day in, day out in all weathers. It’s the self-sacrifice, the blisters, aching legs and the glory of doing something completely selfless.

Going all out to help other people

That’s because on 24th April 2016, every last amateur runner will be raising money for a good cause, close to their hearts. Driving themselves on for family and friends. For mothers, brothers, daughters and husbands. For those they love, and for those they’ve never even met before.

We think that makes them all Natural Heroes. From those who want to break the record for the longest chain of runners, to the marathon veteran who hasn’t changed his kit since he started out, or the first timer who never imagined her dream would come true, it’s this incredible vitality we’ll always celebrate as we are naturally pumped up in Buxton !

Getting behind every Natural Hero

That’s why, this year you’ll find us there in force once again, doing our bit to keep each runner Naturally Pumped Up, every step of the way. We’ll be handing out refreshing bottles of free Buxton Natural Mineral Water to those #NaturalHeroes.

Selected supporters can join in the fun by sharing part of the race with those they care about – and ‘Run With a Loved One’ along the Buxton Water Lane of Heroes at mile 12.

And you can join in too, by doing the Buxton Wave – giving all those have-a-go-heroes out there the vitality supportthey need to get over the finishing line. All you have to do is film yourself doing it (find out how to do a perfect Buxton Wave here). Then upload it on Twitter at @BuxtonWater and become part of a massive tide of online social support.

A revitalizing show of human spirit

With the big day rapidly approaching, every runner’s hard work is about to be put to the test. Some will run a personal best time. Other will be happy to pootle around at a leisurely pace, soaking up the incredible support and atmosphere the event creates every year.

But whoever they are and however they get to the finishing line, we take our hats off to the all the Natural Heroes out there, who go the extra mile for others.